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Travis Wick - IRIS Consultant Supervisor

Travis Wick - IRIS Consultant - First Person Care Consultants

Travis is a graduate of Marian University, earning a degree in psychology, and has been certified by Northeast Wisconsin Technical College to work with people on the autism spectrum. Travis has experience working with people of all ages with all types of disabilities including cognitive, physical, developmental and behavioral.

Other specialties include employment placement for people with disabilities, disability advocacy, and various forms of training related to mental health, behavior modification, and adaptive and assistive technology. He has a personal interest in working with people with challenges, as one of his two children has a disability.

When not working, Travis serves on various boards and groups that support early intervention strategy services and autism. He also likes the outdoors – he’s a competitively ranked woodcarver and archer – and spending time with his family and friends.

Travis can be reached at 414-639-5534 or via email at